Sirep — for more than 20 years we have been producing fiberglass composites
SIREP is a Russian manufacturer of modern composite materials for industrial and civil construction, electric power industry and road industry. For more than 20 years, we have been producing such composite construction materials as composite reinforcement, reinforcing mesh, diagonal flexible ties, and mounting loops. SIREP products have quality certificates and meet quality standards
SIREP production: 1,000,000 units per year
SIREP is a Russian manufacturer of fiberglass composite products for industrial and civil construction and the road industry. The company is based in the city of Cheboksary (the Chuvash Republic). The area of ​​production facilities is 4,000 square meters. The company employs more than 50 skilled workers, and the production volume reaches one million units per year.

The company produces a wide range of flexible mounting loops of various load capacity for concrete panels , composite diagonal flexible ties for sandwich panels, composite reinforcing mesh, as well as composite rebars with a sandy coating that improves adhesion to concrete.

SIREP composites are have a uqnique formulation using hot curing amine hardeners, which makes them much more resistant to the alkaline effects of concrete and prone to elongation, which allows them to be used for prestressing.

All SIREP products are protected by patents and are the intellectual property of the company. Thanks to a strict quality control system, SIREP products have the necessary certificates of conformity, as well as the ISO9001 international quality certificate.

The unique high-tech equipment of our own design allows us to produce composite (fiberglass) products of the highest degree of reliability, and at a very competitive price. In terms of quality, SIREP products are superior to traditional analogues in their segment. That is why more and more large developers in Russia trust the reliability of SIREP products and integrate them into their production.
Dmitry V. Kuzmin
General Director
We are trusted
Company history
Our company was established in 1998
The first launch of the production of flexible ties. The first delivery was organized in the Mechanized Housing Construction Column of Gesstroy
Launch of the production of composite diagonal flexible ties which is a type of flat frame that is used in the production of sandwich panels to connect all layers together. The prototypes were tested in the "PIK" Group of Companies

Launch of production of flexible mounting loops. They greatly simplifiy the manufacturing and application of concrete panels. They are widely used in PIK Group of Companies.
Launch of production of fiberglass reinforcement. It is one of the few enterprises in Russia that complies with all the standards in the manufacture of fiberglass reinforcement
Launch of production of a composite mesh made of fiberglass bars, produced with the use of amine hardeners, and located in two mutually perpendicular directions, firmly connected by thermoplastic material at the intersection points
Start of production of prestressed composite reinforcement. It is used in supports, columns, beams. Only reinforcement made with amine hardeners is suitable for prestressing. This is a promising direction, which is widely used in support racks for the contact network

A patent was obtained and the production of drill piles was launched
Trial launch of production of composite mesh with integrated spacers. The advantage of this mesh over similar steel products is that it does not need to be fixed in concrete layer — integrated spacers are used at the intersection of the longitudinal and transverse bars
The development of the construction sector has led to the fact that during the construction and subsequent operation of objects, it is important to know what changes are taking place in building structures
For these purposes in 2020 our company produced the first prototype of a "smart bar". A special feature of this technology is a fiber-optic cable in a composite reinforcement bar, which later allows to track changes in the construction structure
This technology is especially relevant for construction in earthquake areas, as well as in permafrost zones
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