Sirep — for 21 years we've been producing fiberglass composites
SIREP is a domestic manufacturer of modern composite materials for industrial and civil construction, electric power industry and road industry. For more than 20 years, we have been producing such composite building materials as composite armature, reinforcing grid, diagonal flexible links, and mounting loops. SIREP products have quality certificates and meet quality standards
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Nikolaev Valery Nikolaevich
Honored Inventor of the Chuvash Republic, Honored Entrepreneur of the Chuvash Republic, President of associations and organizations of manufacturers of composite building materials
Valery Nikolaevich Nikolaev was born in 1952 in the village of Trenkasy in the Cheboksary district of the Chuvash Republic

In 1969, he entered the CHSU University at the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy and graduated with a red diploma in 1974

From 1974-1994, he worked in defense production at the Himprom plant. He worked his way up from a junior researcher to a leading production engineer

In 1994, he organized an enterprise for the processing of toxic industrial waste, which was engaged in the disposal of electroplating waste with the production of national products — liquid chrome tanning and liquid waste from cable factories, from which drying oil was obtained

Since 1999, he has been working in the production of composite building materials
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The Story of the company's foundation
The company "Sirep" is a part of the joint-stock company "Republican Chamber of Entrepreneurs", which was founded in 1998
The first launch of the production of flexible links. The first delivery was organized in the Mechanized Housing Construction Column of Gesstroy
Launch of production of fiberglass armature. JSC " RCE " is one of the few enterprises in Russia that complies with all the standards in the manufacture of fiberglass armatures
A patent for a fiberglass grid was obtained and production was launched. The uniqueness of this grid is that it is made of fiberglass with an amine hardener, and that all intersections of straight and longitudinal lines in the grid are protected by a plastic mold
Start of production of prestressed composite armature. It is used in supports, columns, beams. Only armatures made with amine hardeners are suitable for prestressing. This is a promising direction, which is widely used in support racks for the contact network

A patent was obtained and the production of drill-packed pile frames was launched
Launch of production of diagonal flexible links. DFL is a type of flat framework that is used as flexible natural links. It is used in house-building plants. The prototype samples have been tested in PIK

The production of flexible mounting loops has been launched. FML greatly simplifies the production and application of concrete panels. It is widely used in the "PIK" group of companies
Production of composite grid for thin-layer concrete structures has been launched. The advantage of this grid over similar products is that it does not need to be fixed in concrete — retainers are used at the intersection of the longitudinal and transverse rods
The development of the construction sector has led to the fact that during the construction and subsequent operation of objects, it is important to know what changes are taking place in building structures

For these purposes, the company JSC "RCE" in 2020 produced the first prototype of smart valves. A special feature of the technology is the laying of a fiber-optic cable in a composite reinforcement, which later allows you to track changes in the construction structure

This technology is especially relevant for construction in earthquake-prone areas, as well as in permafrost zones
Production Catalog
Designed for capture of concrete products during extraction from moulds, and during loading/ unloading and installation works
Used in manufacturing three-layer reinforced concrete wall panels and designed to connect all layers of panels to each other. Designed to replace the similar products made of steel
Increase in the useful living area of the building by reducing the thickness of the facade layer of the panel with improved thermal performance
Designed for replacement of traditional grids, made of galvanized or stainless steel during reinforcement of construction facilities, for installation of warm and industrial floors, for plastering
Fiberglass or basalt armature, is used as a replacement for metal armature in civil and industrial construction. Produced in accordance with GOST 31938-2012
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